Safety Glasses and Face Shields

A bit on Safety glasses and face shields. As an industrial safety guy, I have seen the move from the old horn rimmed with mesh side shields BC safety glasses. The newer styles fit better, are much lighter and provide much better protection due to material changes. In the old days those BC's had glass lens, tempered and 3mm thick instead of the standard 2mm for regular prescription glasses.Those thick glass lenses were really heavy. As the lense and frames progressed to polycarbonate, the impact resistance went way up, the cost and weight went way down. Wrap around styles fit better at the outside edges of the face and provided much better protection there as well as better peripheral vision then the old mesh BC's.

For many years goggles for grinding were terrible things that was much akin to looking thru 2 toliet paper tubes, heavy and nasty. Now there are really nice gasketed safety glasses that keep the swarf out of your eyes. Having tested many, the Pryamex V2G's are the ones that my workers found to be the best. best comfort best anti-fog and I never had a spec in an eye with folks wearing them.

Now a little about face shields. Safety glasses protect the eys. Face sheilds protect? Yep you got it the face. So safety glasses under the sheild are needed for real eye protection. I think all have seen the gory half a grinding wheel in the face photos so I will not go into WHY you wear a face shield, but rather a few tips. If wearing a face shield for impact resistance, pick a polycarbonate window that is impact rated. If you do a lot of torch work a shade 4 or 5 window beats cutting goggles all darn day, and keeps hot splatters from you face.

So... at the end of the day, ready to lift the face shield off and pull the safety glasses and go to the house? More folks get metal in their eyes at this point then one would expect. Your hair and eyebrows hold lots of grit as can your face. The safe way to get the PPE off is to bend at the waist to a 90 degree. Then close eyes and lift off the face shield and safety glasses and then vigorously ruffle the hair and eyebrows and wipe the face. The stand back up, and open your eyes.

Written by Jeff Reinhardt