Mig Nozzle Gel

Folks pay good money for the nozzle gel they use to keep the splatter out of their mig guns. As an industrial safety guy I had to read the MSDS, know SDS for every product used in several factories to be able to obtain PPE, dispose of and so on. Much to my surprise, Nozzle gel from several different makers had an ingredients list of something like 99.9% petrolatum. Even though each was a different color they were all Petrolatum. Petrolatum is also sold by the brand name Vaseline. And what my friends was that last crucial ingredient that made each different? 0.1% dye. So, if you want to save a couple of dollars, buy a tub of house brand Vaseline instead of dyed a fancy color vaseline.

Now to an important safety note. YES I SAID SAFETY NOTE, so pay attention all you welders. If you have nozzle spray, or anti-splatter, read the ingredient list on the can. If it says it contains Methylene Chloride, please read the entire sheet below. This chemical has been known as a bad actor for decades but lots is still on shelves and in old cabinets. A much better anti-splatter is spray cooking oil. You can buy the Pam or the house brand, I always suggest the butter flavor since it tastes better :)

Note that in this sheet you will find the following"


The DHHS has determined that methylene chloride may be reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on adequate evidence in experimental animals.

Written by Jeff Reinhardt