A bit about the writer!

I am writing these off the top of my head, based on my life in factories, R&D labs, and schooling as well as having been privileged to have worked with many of the great minds of my era in these fields. I have been blessed to have spent about 20 years in R&D lab environments as well as plant engineering, machine design, metallurgy, high pressure technology and welding to scratch the surface. I am proud to be a "Techno-freak" and a Techno-historian. I have worked with or in Maintenance from minor stuff to very heavy machine repair. I am glad to share these bits to spread the knowledge given to me in these environments since about 1970
If I omit something or tell you something that seems wrong, consider that almost everything I write has been proven out in MY experience. Your life experience may be different. I hope that you may gain something from these. I will continue to write these until I have written all I can. I hope that you find something valuable in each one.

Jeff Reinhardt -

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